Sunday, December 25, 2011

L.S.D strain review

Acquired: Thurston county, Washington

This strain shares no similarities to LSD in form or function...well maybe a little function if you smoke too much!! The form of these buds are quite different than most kush varieties available ; tending to be on the very dense and small side of things. The LSD in the name actually stands for Lemon Sour Diesel which means that it holds a lot of similarities to the earlier reviewed NYC diesel. The taste of this plant is strong and should be mostly reserved for people that don't mind a strong flavor that lasts after your done smoking. The high is very similar to sour diesel which I am a large fan of ; lsd perhaps having a high that is even more mindful than the former.

Which all this being said anyone that comes across this strain should definitely give it a try if they are a fan of the sour diesel line.

4/5 Awkward conversations trying to explain the name

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