Tuesday, December 27, 2011


Heres some dubstep I found a while ago. This guys name is the widdler all the stuff hes done is pretty good heres some more.

Quirky Smoking Devices

These fish must be having a good time :p.
All aboard the psychedelic peace train.

Now thats just wacky :).

Monday, December 26, 2011


This post might seem like an advertisement ,but I can never stop praising the benefits of using a vaporizer over more traditional methods of smoking. These are the three main reasons why I prefer the use of a vaporizer

  1. Less risk of cancer
  2. No ash and other disgusting waste product produced
  3. Ability to use indoors
Vaporizers are still not for everybody though I suggest you try to find somebody so you can try out theirs. The best vaporizer out there in my opinion is the volcano but if you don't have the mucho money for such an excursion you could pickup an extreme Q on amazon for 160 dollars here is the link. Happy vaporizing guys :)

Sunday, December 25, 2011

L.S.D strain review

Acquired: Thurston county, Washington

This strain shares no similarities to LSD in form or function...well maybe a little function if you smoke too much!! The form of these buds are quite different than most kush varieties available ; tending to be on the very dense and small side of things. The LSD in the name actually stands for Lemon Sour Diesel which means that it holds a lot of similarities to the earlier reviewed NYC diesel. The taste of this plant is strong and should be mostly reserved for people that don't mind a strong flavor that lasts after your done smoking. The high is very similar to sour diesel which I am a large fan of ; lsd perhaps having a high that is even more mindful than the former.

Which all this being said anyone that comes across this strain should definitely give it a try if they are a fan of the sour diesel line.

4/5 Awkward conversations trying to explain the name

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

bubblegum kush review

Bubblegum Kush 
Acquired: Tacoma, wa

The taste of this strain is sublime, reminds me of some really old school bubblegum. Very fruity with hints of perhaps strawberry. High is very light which is expected because under 20x-40x microscope trichomes show lower thc levels than afghan gooey for instance. Recommended for beginner tokers due to light high with pleasing scent and flavor. 

4/5 buds